Bethany Sunny

A successful entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience, Bethany has now combined her lifelong passion for helping others with her business prowess to create Thriving Business Success. Her dedication to assisting others reach their own business goals makes her an inspiring and empowering mentor.

Bethany's Journey

Bethany’s journey into business ownership came from her ability to turn any situation into a positive. After honing her skill set as a courseware writer and computer trainer for a large corporation, Bethany was unfortunately involved in a round of layoffs as the company began downsizing.

However, Bethany recognized that the situation presented her with an incredible opportunity to take the skills that she had perfected over years of work and translate them into her own business. She took the life-changing decision to become her own boss, using her determination and ingenuity to create a thriving computer training courseware business. After 17 amazing years, Bethany realized that it was time for her to move forward and expand her entrepreneurial repertoire.

After creating and growing several other businesses, Bethany realized that her true fulfillment would come from her lifelong love of helping others. To help new business owners reach their full potential, she offers motivating educational business coaching and training to entrepreneurs looking to achieve the same success that she has had!

Inspired by her childhood love of teaching, Bethany has always been interested in psychology and has been involved in youth ministries, both allowing her to connect with people on a close level. This compassion, empathy and understanding of another’s situation has translated well into business training, as she adapts to create 100% customized coaching sessions depending on each entrepreneur’s needs.

 Thriving Business Success is Bethany’s way of sharing her experience and knowledge in building a business while doing what she truly loves!

BETHANY'S Personal Story

A mother to two amazing adult children, two beautiful dogs (an Italian Greyhound and Bichon Frise) and grandmother to her daughter’s two dogs (Samoyed and German Shepherd), Bethany is always able to keep busy! With four dogs under one roof in LA county, it can get quite hectic. You may even hear some of the dogs “talking” in the background during her Facebook Live events and training classes.

When she isn’t busy helping others build successful businesses, Bethany can be found being active in her church community, hanging out with her friends, relaxing with her favorite TV shows, speeding down a rollercoaster and partaking in her hobby of event photography.

 Always on the go, Bethany’s zest for life and endless passion for helping others is contagious, allowing her to constantly grow her network of positive-minded connections.


Beach or Mountains:  Beach

Dogs or Cats:  Dog as you can tell

Salty or Sweet:  Sweet

Analytical or Visionary:  Visionary

Travel or Stay home:  Travel

Early bird or Night Owl:  Night Owl

Thai or Italian:  Thai

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About Bethany Sunny
Founder & Owner

It's crazy to think about how much has changed since Bethany Sunny started her first business back in 1990. Computers were just starting to show up on people's desks and a mouse was just something you didn't want in your house! Just thinking about how much technology has changed since then is mind-blowing. But there’s one thing that remains true for all successful businesses: you still need to market yourself if you want people to know who you are and what services or products your company offers.

After three decades of running businesses and helping entrepreneurs as a marketing coach, she saw that many business owners were feeling overwhelmed between keeping current clients happy while trying to build up new prospects.

She wanted to break this "feast or famine" cycle for business owners! That's why after tapping into the growing need for done-for-you services, her business now offers affordable lead generation and social media/email nurturing solutions to keep those pipelines flowing - so everyone can focus on what really matters: changing lives and cashing checks.

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