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Know their Pain, Get the sell

The most important part of your Audience Profile (ideal client avatar) is understanding the pain your ideal client feels and how you solve it. Chances are you’ve developed at least a simple client

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Create Irresistible Content That Makes The Sale For You

Copywriting is tricky, especially for the entrepreneur or solopreneur who is new to business writing. First off, let’s define copywriting because everyone in business has to write copy at some point.

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Quick Guide to Speaking your Ideal Client’s Language

I’m in Pain Your potential client is in pain.  Their pain may be little or it may be big, but it is a pain either way. Clearly address your potential client’s biggest pain point, and they’re sold! Here’s

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How to Rock Your Target Market in 3 Easy Steps

YES, I Hear You! Knowing your “Target Market” – “Ideal Client” – “Target Audience” is Critical but… If you don’t have people who are dying for the solution you bring with your

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Who Should I Market to?

Why Should I Have a Laser-Focused Target Market? When you are in business it can be very easy to want to market to many types of people and have a broad target market. However, it is important to focus

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