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Quick Guide to Speaking your Ideal Client’s Language

I’m in Pain Your potential client is in pain.  Their pain may be little or it may be big, but it is a pain either way. Clearly address your potential client’s biggest pain point, and they’re sold! Here’s

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How to Rock Your Target Market in 3 Easy Steps

YES, I Hear You! Knowing your “Target Market” – “Ideal Client” – “Target Audience” is Critical but… If you don’t have people who are dying for the solution you bring with your

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Who Should I Market to?

Why Should I Have a Laser-Focused Target Market? When you are in business it can be very easy to want to market to many types of people and have a broad target market. However, it is important to focus

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You’re the Boss

You’re the Boss – You determine who you work with If you are coming from a corporate environment or a standard job, it is easy to think that you need to say yes to all potential clients. Let’s

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