Crazy Times call for Creative Ideas

Is this a “be careful what you ask for” moment? We always say we want more time but here we have more time and what are we doing with it?

Of course, we never wanted the “more time” to be confined to our homes or with a threat of becoming sick. But we can choose to make the best of it. These days will create the stories we pass down from generation to generation. “I remember when…” stories will be made from this time. What will your stories be?

I want to encourage you to make beautiful stories as you wake up each day ready to look for new possibilities.

Here are 5 ideas to help you create great stories:

  1. Pictures are worth a thousand words and a million stories
    There are many things you can do with pictures. If you are by yourself, take time to look at pictures and remember good times. Get on the phone and call someone the picture reminded you of and enjoy reminiscing together.If you have children in your home (no matter what their age) pull out pictures. Children love to hear stories about their parent’s life. Pull out pictures of vacations and ask each person to tell something they remember from that vacation.

    You can even make it a game. Put several pictures upside down on a table. Each person takes their turn picking up a picture and telling a story about the picture.
  2. Make short movies
    Grab your phone and make quick movies around any topic or situation. Create a “show” together as a family and then record it. This creative time will encourage
    brainstorming together and turning that brainstorming time into a story or several short skits.
  3. Arrr Ye Matey – Make it a Pirate day
    Dress up, talk like a pirate, and enjoy the craziness of being a pirate (at least a nice one). Create a treasure hunt before the day and watch the family hunt for treasure. Treasure does not have to be money. The treasure can be something the person can do that’s special – pick a movie, decide on dinner, etc. The fun is in finding the hidden treasure! If you like pirate movies, finish the day with a family movie.
  4. Plan the ideal vacation
    Who doesn’t like to go on a vacation? What a great time to create your next family vacation? You can plan where you want to go, what you want to do and get input from each person on what would make that trip the best vacation yet. You can expand on just talking about it. Make it a project – draw or print pictures about the trip, write down what you can do during the travel time, research to see if there is anything special you can do at your destination(s), etc. Dream together! Don’t let finances get in the way of dreaming (within reason). You can turn the dream into a reality by diligently saving for the trip. Children will learn patience, finances, and planning. What great lessons can come from this adventure!
  5. Karaoke Time
    Everyone has favorite songs. With Spotify, Pandora, and many other services, you can each select songs to sing. Create a pretend stage, make a mic out of a toilet paper roll and a sock, and have a fun Karaoke night.

These are just a few ideas on making the most out of your time together. It will reduce your stress and fill your time making new memories. Something we usually don’t have time to do.

Wishing you a safe and healthy time as you make memories together.

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