“Easy Button” for Creating Oodles of Content

People learn and take in information in many ways. I do not comprehend the written word as well as I do through audio.

I love buying and consuming books on Audible.

I love learning how to use new software by watching videos on YouTube. For me, I will respond so much better if content is provided in the medium that is easy for me to consume. I’ll bet it is the same for you.

Many of us are familiar with the 4 classic learning styles:

  • Audio (heard or spoken)
  • Visual (pictures, maps, diagrams)
  • Verbal (reading and writing)
  • Kinesthetic (learning by doing or moving)

Creating compelling content works best when you find a way to say the same thing in many ways, appealing to each of the learning styles. Sending a message through various channels makes it easier to reach all types of learners and gets the most out of your content.

Before you start feeling overwhelmed by the thought of producing so much content in different ways, let me tell you there is an easy way to do this that you are going to love!

Here’s what I do:

I like to start by writing a blog. This gives me the opportunity to write about the topic in detail.

After I write the blog, I take that information and write an email. Sometimes I reference the blog in the email where you would go to my website to read it. Other times, I create highlights in the form of bullets in my emails.

I then take the blog and pull-out short snippets and post those to my social media. Creating graphics and doing short videos (lives, reels, or recordings).

For those of you who don’t like to write, here is an easy solution!

Start by recording either video or audio of what you would like to discuss with your clients. 

Then transcribe what you've recorded. You now have a blog post you can easily tweak. You can still pull-out short snippets for social media posts and graphics or even edit your video into smaller segments.

Doesn't this sound wonderful? And easy?

Creating a lot of content does not have to be hard or extremely time consuming if you know how to utilize creating one and using it to create the same content in other mediums. Pretty awesome, right?

What’s the first topic you want to share with your followers?

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