Yay!  You have a lead magnet and you are collecting emails.  However, enticing your readers to join your list is just a small part of your overall list-building goal. The larger component is keeping them engaged. Do that right, and they’ll reward you with more sales and referrals.

Here is the number one thing they are looking for: solutions to their problem. It’s ultimately why they’ve joined your list in the first place. Your opt-in incentive solved a problem they were having and now they’re counting on you to continue to provide the solutions they need.

These solutions can take many different forms, including:

Straight Information

This is similar to a blog post or article. It answers a question your readers have and gives them the info they need to move to the next step.

Maybe you’ve discovered an easier way to track conversions on Facebook ads, or gathered some interesting stats on content marketing, or learned a new method for promoting Kindle books.

Share this! Don’t ask for anything in return; just send them the info they need. By offering this information-only emails, you’ll show your list members that you’re not just another marketer trying to sell them something. Instead, you’ll be seen as a valuable source of information (and your open rates will improve, too).

Case Studies or Statistics

Sprinkle in case studies or statistics that help them see how you can help solve their problem.  Case studies are especially helpful in helping the reader identify with the issue the person or company was having and how it was solved using your product or service.  It has the value of storytelling.  Statistics, on the other hand, can let them know they are not alone in their problem.  It also drives home that they need to do something and you are there to help them get to the next step.

News and trends

Is something happening in the news that pertains to their industry? Highlighting a news article and eliciting comments or suggested actions to take shows that you are an expert in your field.  Knowing that you keep up with the latest trends reinforces that you are the “go to person” when they have a need.


Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t ever sell anything to your list. You’d be shooting yourself in the foot if you did that. Not to mention you’d go broke pretty quickly!

In fact, since your readers have trusted you to provide them with the very best information available in your niche, it’s important that you DO create and send them offers. They need your service as much as you need to sell it to them.

So be sure to include these offers in your mailings from time to time. The 80/20 rule is still a good one – 80% tips, information, industry trends, and 20% sales mixed in.


About the author 

Bethany Sunny

Bethany Sunny is a trainer, speaker, and marketing coach with over 30 years of business experience. She's started three successful businesses and now owns Thriving Business Success, a digital agency that focuses on lead generation. Bethany is known for her candid and straight-talking style, which has helped countless entrepreneurs achieve success.

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