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5 Easy Steps to Becoming Irresistible and having all the clients you want 

Are you ready to have people eager to buy from you? Do you want to be like a magnet attracting your ideal client with almost no effort?  These 5 easy steps will show you how to become irresistible to your ideal client make money fast.

Hi! I'm Bethany Sunny 


I show motivated entrepreneurs, speakers, coaches and service providers like yourself how to become visible so you can attract your ideal clients, make more money and enjoy your best life.  I am so glad you are here!

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I want to find and attract my Ideal clients

I want more visibility in Social Media

I want more visibility in my Marketing



Powerless to Confident

Bethany's coaching helped me shift gears from feeling powerless as I tried to make "something" work to becoming confident and joyful in providing my organizational giftedness to others on a more regular basis. And the best thing? Bethany genuinely cares about my success and celebrates with me!

Wealth of Marketing Knowledge

I LOVED having the opportunity to hear Bethany speak at the Million Dollar Speaker Summit recently. She is a wealth of knowledge regarding marketing, and she has the skill to share and teach this to others in a personal and engaging style. I would highly recommend Bethany as a speaker to any audience that wants to learn how to grow their business and bring it to the next level.

Listened carefully and guided me.

Bethany is a delight to work with! She's knowledgeable and practical. She listened carefully and guided me to focus on short-term goals that aligned with my company's long-term vision and mission.

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