How to write jaw-dropping good content that converts

Eugene M Schwartz, a well-known copywriter, said, “I write with my ears.” He was always in demand as he helped companies make millions upon millions with his ad-copy.

To write a short advertisement, he would sit with the owner of the company for a few hours just talking and asking questions.  When he walked out, he could easily write jaw-dropping ads. Digging deep AND listening well, gave him a huge advantage over his competition.

You see, his competition would listen just enough to write an ad. They used their persuasive writing skills and what they felt would make the product sell. Many times, their ads worked but not compared to Eugene M Schwartz. He took the time to really listen. He was learning the company’s ideal client’s language.

By listening he was

  • hearing how they talked about the problem,
  • hearing how the solution changed their client’s lives,
  • hearing emotions,
  • hearing what made this company’s product unique.

When you listen, you learn your ideal client’s sacred language. You learn how they talk about their pain, what they are looking for in a solution, and then you too can sit down and quickly write jaw dropping content that leads to sales.

When you learn your ideal client’s language, you’ll be able to:

  • Provide In-depth Problem Explanations – When you know how your ideal client talks, you can explain their problem in words they relate to. You no longer become like everyone else. You “get them”. Your content will be so powerful because they relate to what you are saying.  You get the feeling of the problem rather than just the mechanics of the problem.
  • Develop Better Solutions for Their Problems – Getting down to the nitty-gritty of your ideal client’s problems and how they express them through complaints or other means will also help you develop better solutions for the problems they have.
  • Market to Your Ideal Client More Efficiently – Additionally, you’ll be able to develop marketing materials that speak directly to your ideal client in a more authentic trustworthy manner. You’ll know just the right words to use to connect with them so that they will try your solution.
  • Connect to Your Ideal Client on a Deeper Level – When you are speaking the same way that your ideal client speaks, and expressing feelings, desires, and hopes, you’re going to connect to your audience on a much deeper authentic level.

When you take the time to not only learn your ideal client’s language you also develop your expertise. You will learn how to serve them better, build trust, and create a sense of community that will be long-lasting and create a thriving business.


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