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Tuesday, May 15th, 11:00 AM PST

In this FREE live webinar you will discover how to save time, headaches and frustration by learning how to get your ideal client to chase you

instead of you chasing after them.

We've all been there - you meet someone who really needs what you offer - a perfect fit.

They seem super interested in buying from you.  

They gave you their number and asked you to call them.  

           You're bursting at the seams with excitement - this is your next sale.

The next day you call to "seal the deal" only to leave a message.

No big deal you think - they are busy just like you are so you leave a message.

            You're still hopeful.

THEN the game of tag begins. However you are the only one playing.

Now the chase begins.

             As time goes on  you realize it's not your next big sale.

Sound familiar?

            It's time for you to stop chasing and be the one being chased.  

Break the cycle NOW!

FREE Webinar

Tuesday, May 15th, 11:00 AM PST

Bethany Sunny

Foundational Marketing Coach

With over 25 years as a business owner, Bethany has a unique  insight into marketing and technology.  You can count on always leaving her trainings with action items to put in place immediately to grow your business.  

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