Know their Pain, Get the sell

The most important part of your Audience Profile (ideal client avatar) is understanding the pain your ideal client feels and how you solve it.

Chances are you’ve developed at least a simple client avatar. You know their business, age, income, and education levels. You might know where they live, how many kids they have, and what their biggest dreams are and that’s a great first step.

But do you really know what drives them to buy from you?

We’re not talking about just what they want (we all want more money, good health, and free time) but more importantly, you need to know what their biggest pain points are that you can solve.

Find their biggest pain points and you’ll never feel like your “selling”. Find their pain points and your customer and client base will explode.

You will know how to instantly build rapport because they feel understood.  How you talk, how you write your sales copy, and who you want to serve will dramatically improve as well.

Think about it. Let’s say you just found out you are going to meet your business hero. The person you have looked up to and who has inspired you, and you know you would be a bubbling idiot whether you want to or not if you met that person.  Yep, you are now going to meet them.

You’re in a panic. You want your hair to be just right and your outfit and makeup to be perfect.  You only have 48 hours. What do you do?

Now imagine you knew someone who was an image consultant who could help you with all of this.  You make a quick call and they are available! Now how would you feel? Relieved beyond belief, right?  

Do you spend time calling other people?  No, of course not. You know from the communication you have had prior to this emergency that they are the perfect fit.

How did you know they would be the perfect fit?  Because they had communicated clearly and compellingly what they do and the problems they solve. They have provided social proof of their work and were consistent with their message.  

The same is true for your potential clients. Show them you can help them avoid those pain points—or better yet, eliminate them completely—and you’ll forge an instant bond.  

Notice, you didn’t have the need when you met them or networked with them but when you did have a need, they were the first you called.

BIG MISTAKE:  The biggest mistake I see at this point is that people think they know their prospect’s pain points.  What if you are wrong? You could be missing a ton of business. Never guess. Always do your due diligence.

How do I find out what their pain point is?  Great question! Here are a few great ways to learn about your ideal client and what they are feeling.

  • Talk to them. What do they most often ask for or complain about?

  • Listen in on forums, social media, and other places your audience hangs out. What are they struggling with?

  • Reader surveys. These can be a rich source of information in any market. Pay special attention to the words and phrases your readers use to describe their troubles.

  • Run your own survey. With free programs you can easily do this. SurveyMonkey is one of the most popular. You can also use Google Forms to run a quick survey.

  • Keep an eye on your competition. What pain points are they addressing?

Once you’ve uncovered your ideal clients’ biggest pain points, you’ll have a powerful tool that you can use not only in your sales copy, but it will also help define your programs and service offerings.

If you can help your clients overcome the most painful issues they face, you’ll instantly become a more valuable resource in your niche and explode your sales.

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