Magnetically connect to your ideal client by using their language

Knowing your niche and the language they use will quickly connect you to your ideal client. Talking as they talk will get their attention and set you up as a trusted expert. Every single niche has its own terms that are used to describe feelings and activities.

Let’s take a look at ways you can learn their language so you can connect better with your ideal clients.

  • Listen To Your Ideal Client – Before you start marketing to them you need to really take the time to get to know them. Listen to their concerns. Notice how they talk about their complaints. Watch how they celebrate and why they celebrate. Ask questions like – what is your passion, did something in your life lead you to where you are now, what influences your decisions.
  • Observe Their Values, Interests, and Lifestyle – You should know the real person who is your ideal client based on their behavior when they are being themselves. Understand them as if they were your best friend.
  • Interact with Them & Do Your Research – Another great way to learn their vocabulary is to talk to them. Have conversations with them. You can do research and begin taking notes of the questions they ask, the answers they give each other, the way they interact in their environment.
  • Focus on Their Needs – Spoken and Unspoken – As you observe your audience, it’s important that you also focus on what it is that they need. You focus on both spoken and unspoken needs. What keeps them up at night? As you learn more about them you can focus on what is really important to them. This allows you to present your solution in a way that resonates with them.
  • Copy Their Language – Too often people try to impress their ideal client with formal or techy language. This usually just makes you look phony. It results in turning people off rather than attracting them to you. Use words that your ideal client will identify with so they can find you when they need your solution.

As you learn more about your ideal client, the content you create will be a lot more valuable and helpful. When you follow these tips, your content will speak to them in a way that really makes a difference and draws them to you. Your social media posts, emails, blog posts, and Facebook lives will grab their attention bringing you another step closer to a sale.

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