Turn Email Unsubscribe to Social Media Fans

You work hard to make your emails perfect. It is one of the key elements of your marketing. Then it happens!  Someone unsubscribes and you wonder what you did wrong. There are many reasons people unsubscribe:

  • They are on your email list twice so they are removing one email.
  • They are no longer your ideal client so it’s okay for them to go.
  • They get too many emails and they are cleaning out their inbox.
  • They get too many emails from you and decided to say goodbye.

Here’s the thing – what if they do want to hear from you but they just can’t handle any more emails?

Here’s a solution!

Put a call to action inviting them to join you on your social media page loud and bold on your unsubscribe page.  Okay, don’t be obnoxious.  But let them know that you will miss them (you know, sorry to see you go) and provide them with an alternative way to stay connected.

If they are your ideal client and they want to stay connected, this is a low-risk, easy way for them to stay connected.  It’s a win-win situation!

Action:  Today update your unsubscribe page with an invitation to join you on social media!

To your success,

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